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Our New Partnership with Strive Direct Health

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Allied will now offer full-service membership-based primary care thanks to our partnership with Strive Direct Health. Many of you have enquired about the local primary care physicians and our recommendations. It seemed appropriate to bring primary care in-house at this point.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)? It is a new spin on how primary care used to be. For a small Netflix-type membership, you have unrestricted access to your doctor. You have their direct line when and where you need them. Since there is no insurance involvement, Drs. Brown and Dr. Schuster may concentrate entirely on you without any interference. Texts, calls, FaceTime, and emails are all welcome. No copays, no waiting. It’s how primary care should be!

Starting today you have the option to become a member of Strive Direct Health. Beginning on March 6, 2023, Dr. Schuster and Dr. Brown will be available to see you in-person here at Allied and available by phone, text, email, and/or Facetime for your primary care needs.

This partnership is helping Allied fulfill our mission to take care of YOU!

To learn more about Strive Direct Health please check out their website.

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