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At Strive Direct Health healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone. We work obsessively to be the change we all want to see in the “System” and we are proud to be the only clinic in the area specifically designed with one sole purpose in mind: Your Health!

Strive Direct Health is a new spin on primary care. For a small Netflix-type membership, you have unrestricted access to your doctor, with medications, labs, bloodwork, and diagnostic imaging at wholesale cost. No insurance middlemen. No hidden fees. No copays. No red tape. Completely transparent. Completely hassle-free.

In the traditional, insurance-based primary care clinic, doctors are financially incentivized to keep you sick and have you physically in their office as much as possible. Seriously, not even kidding. How is this ok? It’s the reason visits are mere minutes long while the doctor stares at the computer, not you. It’s not their fault, the system mandates it. This same healthcare system is pleading for a new, efficient way to keep patients happy and healthy.

Here are the benefits patients can experience with Strive Direct Health:

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