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We offer a truly integrative healthcare experience offering specialized healthcare plans suited to each client's needs. We promise professionalism, privacy, honesty, and constant communication amongst healthcare providers to ensure progress and improved quality of life.

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Our patients love us and only have the most amazing things to say about our team and the work we've done to help them. Here are a few of their kind words.

Bobby K.

Dr. Vicker’s expertise goes well beyond being a chiropractor. His knowledge is multifaceted. He takes the time to listen and understand before he determines the best solution/remedy. By far, the very best in his field.

Jane H

I have been a patient of Dr. Vickers for a few years now and regardless of where my pain is presenting, I walk away with such relief. I can’t thank him enough.

Michelle H.

Dr Vickers is very professional and knowledgeable about the various ways to treat my issues. He’s very attentive and thorough.

Katelyn A.

Dr. Joshua Vickers was very Professional. He helped my fix the problem I was having and gave me helpful exercises to do at home. I highly recommend.

Jennifer K.

Dr Vickers is very attentive and quick to access the problem, propose a plan both short and long term goals easy to understand and imagine achieving. Highly recommend!

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