Joshua Vickers, D.C.

Unique, comprehensive, individualized approach to chiropractic care for many health conditions and all ages


Joshua Vickers, DC, is a Doctor Of Chiropractic and Owner of Allied Healthcare in Westminster, Colorado.

Dr. Vickers graduated from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado, where he also played baseball. He earned two Bachelor of Science degrees —one in Business Management and another in Computer Information Systems. Dr. Vickers went on to get his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas, Texas, where he was honored with the Outstanding Intern Award. He also pursued postgraduate education in functional neurology.

Dr. Vickers specializes in treating spine and extremity injuries, chronic pain conditions,  and severe injuries clients who are on the path to restoring their musculoskeletal function.  All treatment plans are customized to address each of his patient’s individual needs. Dr. Vickers is highly experienced in a wide array of treatment modalities, including vestibular rehabilitation, nerve rehabilitation, traditional physiotherapy protocols, kinesio taping, multiple soft-tissue therapy techniques, many joint-mobilization techniques. Dr. Vickers is also skilled in functional movement rehabilitation, sport-specific rehabilitation, and flexion and distraction treatments for disc injuries.

Dr. Vickers has a unique appreciation for the experiences his patients are going through. In 2010, he suffered a fracture to his right humerus that resulted in nerve damage and a complete loss of strength and sensation for six months. The experience gave him a deep sense of empathy and understanding for his patients’ feelings and the impact that injuries can have on loved ones. In his spare time, Dr. Vickers likes to travel, play golf, and spend time with his family.