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We focus first on restoring joint range of motion, followed by muscle coordination and flexibility, followed by functional strength and endurance

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Extensive Education About Diagnosis And Treatment

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Home Exercises At Each Visit To Speed Recovery

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No Unnecessary Long Term Treatment Plans

At Allied Healthcare, Westminster, Colorado, Joshua Vickers, DC, and his staff provide a unique, comprehensive, individualized approach to chiropractic care for many health conditions and all ages. They offer evidence-based, specialized care with no longer term, unnecessary treatment plans. Allied will combine chiropractic care with focused physical/functional rehabilitation protocols and address all potential nutritional and lifestyle factors to promote faster recovery times and improve quality of life quicker than commonly found in healthcare offices.

If you’d like to experience a truly professional healthcare approach suited to your specific needs, schedule an appointment by calling or booking your appointment online today.

Chiropractic Care How We Do It...

At Allied we customize all treatment plans to address each patient’s individual needs. We utilize a wide array of treatment modalities, including vestibular rehabilitation, nerve rehabilitation, traditional physiotherapy protocols, Kinesio taping, multiple soft-tissue therapy techniques, and multiple joint-mobilization techniques. We combine all manual therapy techniques with specialized and focused functional movement rehabilitation, sport-specific rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation and/or post surgical rehabilitation protocols to ensure progress and quicker recovery times than commonly found in other practices.

We can treat people of all ages. With our experience and proficiency with a wide array of treatment methods, we can treat any patient of any age.

What happens during your first appointment...

Your Allied Healthcare team performs a thorough review of your past health history, completes a comprehensive physical evaluation and then offers a full, detailed explanation of your diagnosis. During a consultation, you sit down with your specialist to talk about your personalized treatment methods suited for your comfort level. We perform an initial treatment to determine comfort levels, pain levels and effectiveness to determine if our treatment methods are a perfect fit for each client.